Olymp Trade English

Olymp Trade English

Olymp Trade English, was founded in 2014, is an exemplary representative of the second generation of international online trading platform; concentrating on a product exclusively and on the functionality of its trading platform, Olymp found a simple but powerful solution that established its growth in the international arena.

Olymp Trade General Features

Olymp Trade EnglishOlymp Trade is a relatively new – yet ambitious – trading platform that combines industry best practices and innovative approaches, resulting in the delivery of quality service you’ve never seen before. Both professional traders with many years of experience and beginners can try the platform, since it offers the demo demo mode, which can be used simultaneously to the real account, as well as various analysis and optimization tools. your market dominance. Olymp Trade English.

Among the advantages of this trading platformage house are the low minimum deposit amount, its interactive tutorial, professional trader reviews, as well as the operational efficiency of the customer support service. Always giving priority to quality, Olymp Trade’s vision is focused on developing the international investment brokers market.


Olymp Trade Advantages and Disadvantages

Reduced minimum deposit: You can recharge your account with only $ 10 or $ 10. The minimum amount for the transaction is also not high – 1 $ / 1 €.

Demo Account: An advantage for beginning traders. Unlike most other trading platform, here you can use a demo account in parallel to a real account, and use a special link to switch between accounts. Each trader can test the platform with 10,000 “demo dollars” to develop their skills and test their trading strategies.

Exclusive trading platform: Olymptrade has developed a trading platform whose result is the smooth operation and the possibility to elaborate additional functions according to the demand.

Availability of educational information: the trading platformage gives traders the opportunity to conduct a free trading course, browse the market analysis and access detailed analysis advice.

Regulatory oversight: Olymptrade is regulated by the FRRMC (Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) reference number 0395AAVv0074, ensuring the transparency of its trading platform and providing its customers with benefits as part of dispute settlement and compensation through part of the trading platformage house. Olymp Trade English.

Olymp Trade Fast ResultsWelcome Bonus: Up to 50% bonus is available upon first deposit, depending on amount deposited. The bonus can be used to obtain additional profit – and it is not subject to withdrawal.

Withdrawal without cost: the trading platform does not charge withdrawal fees.

Windows application unavailable: currently the trading platformage offers the mobile version of the trading platform, which can be accessed in any internet browser. Standalone mobile applications for Android and iOS are available, but the full Windows application has not yet been announced.

Olymp Trade Deadlines

Olymp Trade offers its clients a wide range of tradable assets: 8 currency pairs as well as commodities, indices, individual stocks and bitcoin index. The trading platform offers the classic investment brokers “call / put”, with a duration of between one minute and three hours. You can start making transactions with only $ 10, and the lowest amount per transaction is $ 1. This allows the trader to experiment with and learn from the gradual growth of their trading balance.


Olymp Trade Top Managed Assets

Olymp Trade customers can trade the following currencies in their most popular combinations: EUR / USD / RUB / AUD / CAD / CHF / GBP / JPY; gold, silver and oil are also available. In addition, the company offers trading of major stock indexes such as Dow Jones, DAX, S & P 500 and Nasdaq; Finally, traders have a wide range of choice with regard to individual stocks, including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook and other multinationals. Although the number of assets available is not large, the trading platformage firm guarantees most of the trading demand by providing the essential assets. In addition to the aforementioned assets, Olymp Trade also offers bitcoin trading on weekends. Olymp Trade English.

Olymp Trade Trading Platform

Olymp Trade PlatformAs mentioned above, Olymp’s trading platform was developed by the trading platform’s own programming team, which facilitates improvements and technical upgrades. The trading platformage offers apps for iOS and Android phones, and the platform browser can also be adjusted to any desired resolution. This makes the use of the platform on smartphones and tablets possible and practical.

Olymp Trade focuses on a single trading tool – the classic “call / put” option; the platform offers 8 standardized terms, being the longest of 3 hours and the shortest of 1 minute; traders also have the option to adjust their timing as they prefer. In this respect, the platform can still be considered quite minimalist due to the moderate choice of tools and assets. However, this fact, combined with its high level of functionality, makes the platform an interesting option for beginning traders.

When profiting from a transaction, the percentage of earnings ranges from 10-80%, depending on the asset and the current market conditions, such as volatility. When you lose in a transaction, a window will appear advising the trader to visit the tutorial section or to know the existing automated warnings. On the left side of the Olymp trading screen, you can view the positions of other traders, which can also be used as a separate notice. Users can cancel transactions with up to ¾ the duration of an option.

Fortunately, the interface of the trading is very simple, organized with clarity and easy to understand, although, from the point of view of the most experienced traders, a little innovation is lacking; starters, on the other hand, consider the interface an efficient introduction to the world of investment brokers trading. Olymp Trade English.

Olymp Trade Accounts, Deposits and Withdrawals

Currently, the trading platformage offers only one type of account with a minimum deposit of $ 10 / € 10, with an initial bonus of up to 50% of the amount deposited. The bonus can not be withdrawn and acts as additional leverage that may help you increase your profits – which in turn belong to the trader and can be withdrawn normally. Regardless of the amount deposited, all clients receive teaching material, as well as analyzes and evaluations carried out by professional traders.

You can open an Olymp Trade account in less than 10 minutes; on the trading platform’s homepage, click on “Open an Account” and enter the following personal information: first name and last name, email address and telephone number; you can choose between USD and EUR accounts in this same window.

At Olymp Trade, the following forms of payment can be used to deposit and withdraw money: Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, ePayments and other ewallets. The withdrawal procedure is agile and much simpler than in other investment brokers trading platform.


Olymp Trade Demo Trading

Unlike many other trading platform, Olymp Trade gives its customers the opportunity to test the platform without making a real money deposit using a demo account. Once you register for the demo account, you receive a $ 10,000 account, which has the same price quotes and no limitations on the functionality of the actual account. The only difference between the demo account and the real account is that the virtual fund can not be converted into real money, and to start trading with the real trading, you need to make a real deposit.

Even after adding funds to an actual account, your demo account will remain active, that is, you can use it to test new trading strategies whenever you want. Still, it’s worth remembering that the demo account can not be reloaded, meaning you can not replenish it when your virtual money runs out. Olymp Trade English.

Olymp Trade Education

Olymp Trade offers its customers a complete teaching materials kit – for beginners as well as for professional traders. On the main page, you will find links to two sections – “Tutorial” and “Analyzes”. The first provides videos with practical information, a glossary, a FAQ section and also a book written by analysts at Olymp Trade. In addition, the trading platformage house relies on the presentation of webinars frequently. Webinars offer additional practical information as well as the opportunity to ask questions with a professional trader. The “Analyzes” session offers a real-time graph with indicators and advanced analytics options, an economic calendar with warnings from Investing.com’s data portal and also the latest market analysis.

Olymp Trade SystemOlymp Trade Why is it a great choice?

Thanks to a wide range of deadlines and minimalist focus, this trading platform is an attractive option for new traders who wish to develop their skills and apply their theoretical knowledge in both technical and fundamentalist analyzes. Olymp Trade English. In general, the trading platformage firm has built a solid foundation for novice traders to get to know the art of financial trading; the level of quality noted in every aspect of the trading platformage business carries the potential to make Olymp Trade one of the leading investment brokers trading platform in the market.