Olymp Trade How to Start

Olymp Trade How to Start

Olymp Trade How to Start

What are options, and how do I trade with them?

Options are one of the most profitable and transparent instruments of financial markets.

Olymp Trade How to Start. The gist of trading options is to forecast price changes for a certain asset (a currency pair or a commodity). You do not need to know the exact price in order to profit, you just need to forecast the rise or the fall of the price, i.e. whether the chart will move up or down.

Optionss help you make profit by simply deciding whether the euro will be cheaper or more expensive against the dollar.

Trading terms

Every option trader knows all the risks and possible income in advance. Profits and losses are taken before the trade opening! Income may reach 92% of the trade amount!

And options are simple and accessible. A trader does not need to make large investments to trade with them. The minimum trade amount is $1 on OLYMPTRADE, and the minimum deposit amount – $10.

How it works

There are two types of options on our platform: classic and time.

Classic options are known as UP-DOWN trades; when trading them you should choose not only the trade amount, but also the period for which a trade will be opened.

Time options are an up-to-date and convenient way to trade on an active market. To open a trade, choose the option expiration time, i.e., the time of trade execution. If you forecast the correct direction, your profit will be up to 92% of the invested amount.

Multi-trading is done using time-options: no matter how many trades are opened (by the specified expiration time), all of them will close simultaneously.

Note: if the candlestick time frame is less than or equal to the trade expiration time, the trade will be closed at the specified time at 00 seconds, when a new candle starts to form.

How do I trade?

Olymp Trade Classic Options

Olymp Trade ClassicSwitch to the Classic tab on the trading platform.




Olymp Trade choose the assetYou choose the asset

At OLYMPTRADE you can trade on currency pairs, commodities, stocks of the world’s largest companies, and major stock indices in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Olymp Trade trade amountChoose your trade amount

Your potential profit depends on your investment. If you successfully open on option, your income will be up to 92%.

Olymp Trade expiration time

Choose your expiration time

Olymp Trade Make a forecastMake a forecast:

The asset price will rise or fall .

Olymp Trade trade closureEarly trade closure

You can close a trade early in the OLYMPTRADE platform browser version as follows: your opened orders are displayed at the bottom of the platform; the last Sell column indicates the sale value of the option if the trade is closed early (the amount that will be returned to your account). If you decide to close the trade before the option time expires, you must click on this button.

Olymp Trade Time Options

Olymp Trade Time Options

Switch to the Time tab on the trading platform.

Olymp Trade Open the chartOpen the chart of any asset.

Please note that Time left to buy shows the time until which you can buy the option, i.e., to execute the trade.

Time to expiry is the time until option expiration, i.e., the time at which the basic condition must be fulfilled. The option expiration time is clearly defined on the platform.

In fact, it indicates how long you will wait for the result of the trade after buying an option. When the trade time expires, the trading platform checks whether the current price of the asset corresponds to the set conditions. If the outcome is positive, you make a profit; if it does not, you lose the option amount.

Olymp Trade trade closure timeSelect the trade closure time.

In the right column you will see how many minutes and seconds you have to buy the option.

Olymp Trade Make a forecastMake a forecast and then click on either UP or DOWNbuttons.

A option will be opened instantly. You can close an unprofitable trade at any time as long as the Sell button is active in order to get back a percentage of your investment in your account.

Note: it is impossible to open a new option 1 minute before the next expiration time: you will be asked to choose other time.

Olymp Trade forecast correctIf your forecast is correct at the expiration time and the price is at least 1 point higher (lower) than at the opening time, you will make a profit of up to 92%. If you picked the wrong direction, your loss will be equal to the trade amount.



Pending Trades

Pending trades

The pending trade mechanism enables you to delay trades or trade when an asset reaches a certain price. This is your order to buy (sell) an option when parameters you specify are met.

A pending order can be made only for a “classic” type of option. Note that the return is applicable as soon as the trade is opened. That is, your trade is executed on the basis of the actual return, not on the basis of the percentage of profit when the request was created.

  • After the specified level (quote) is achievedSelect the asset, expiration time, and trade amount. Determine the quote at which your trade is supposed to open. Make a forecast UP or DOWN. If the price of the asset you selected goes up (down) to the specified level or passes through it, your order turns into a trade.

    Note that, if the asset price passes the level you set, the trade will open at the actual quote. For example, the asset price is at 1.0000. You want to open a trade at 1.0001 and create an request, but the next quote comes in at 1.0002. The trade will open at the actual 1.0002.

  • After the specified timeSelect the asset, expiration time, and trade amount. Set the time at which your trade is supposed to open. Make a forecast UP or DOWN. The trade will open right at the time you identified in your order.

Order life

A request is valid for 1 trading session. A request is good for 23 hours. You can cancel a request at any time before it opens without losing the money you planned for this trade.

Automatic order cancellation

A pending order request cannot be executed if:

  • the specified parameters are not achieved before 00.00 MSK;
  • the specified expiration time is greater than the time remaining until the end of the trading session;
  • there are insufficient funds on your account;
  • 10 trades were already opened when the target was reached.

If your prediction proves right when the time expires, your income will be up to 92%. If you picked the wrong direction, you lose your investment in the trade.

Trading options is much easier and more convenient than trading any other financial instruments

None of the investment tools such as well as bank deposits, will allow you to make such a large income in a short time.

Trading options does not require an in-depth knowledge of the market or the study of complex trading terminals. You do not need to download any additional software. and all you need to trade profitably is sufficient basic knowledge about the market and access to economic news.